To begin, this week I want to have all 4 hands dealt, weighing the different factors, and have a few ideas of which algorithms I should try for the implementation of the bidding process.

Currently, I am working on dealing all 4 hands of cards. I used the class of Shuffle which I found online at, I have been modifying this code to, right now, deal 7 cards, card value of 9 – Ace, added 2 jokers to the deck, and to deal 4 hands instead of only 1 hand.

The most challenging piece so far is deal 4 hands of cards. Checking through 4 hands of cards to make sure I didn’t duplicate any cards is a lot of checking and then double checking my code to be sure I checked every hand. It’s like knowing the 4 hands of cards while they are all mashed together. It’s overwhelming to think about, but it’s a small challenge that I plan to make it through quickly.

I’m a little nervous about creating the graphical interface for the cards, but I’m sure there are enough sources out there that I will figure it out. If that fails, I always have my professor to ask for help.

One grey area I have right now is how to weigh the different factors that affect what a player should/will bid. The factors are the number of cards in hand, the trump that was flipped, the trump cards in my hand, the face value of the non-trump cards in hand, and what other players bid.

Order of weight from greatest to least greatest:

  • Trump that was flipped – I’m not sure I explained that when a joker is flipped, the high card takes the trick. When a joker is flipped bidding your hand is difficult.
  • Trump in my hand
  • Other players bids – If we are playing the 2 card hand, If I have an ace in an offsuit, I won’t bid on that card because the chances of someone having a trump card is pretty high. Most times the ace of an offsuit won’t take a trick in the 2 card hand.


  • Number of Cards in hand – See Other players bids to understand how the number of cards in hand will affect bids.
  • The face value of the non-trump cards in hand

I plan to experiment with different weight amounts. I will start with using a weight of 6-2 according to the above list.

The next step will be deciding what algorithms I should be experimenting with and which algorithm is the best to implement for this project. I am looking forward to trying the different algorithms and to find what works the best.

Because this project is to be presented, I decided that all players hands will show their cards face up. That way my audience and I can assess the bid of each computer player and see if we feel they are accurate bids.