Intro/Background for Week 3

This past week I decided I wanted to try to find a different programming language to work in. I am a web developer and I haven’t used Java in years, so I thought it best to look for a card game in javascript. Javascript(js) is a messy language, but it is the language I am the most comfortable with. I found a js library for dealing a deck of cards. I modified a given example file to deal 4 hands of cards, and deal the jokers out. The js library is an easier route for me as it already has the graphics made, has the classes for the deck, hand, shuffling, and the discard pile. Using this library I can spend more time on the Artificial Intelligence of the project. This js library can be found here:

I have not quite figured out how to get the deck of cards to be only the 9’s and above, so I will be using the full deck instead of the upper half of the deck. I made this decision based on the time I have to finish the project. Another issue I have not taken the time to quite figure out yet are the jokers. The two cards that are not flipped up in the photo are the two jokers. I don’t think this is be a tough fix as I’ve been putting it off to focus on the AI of the project.

Artificial Intelligence for Week 4

I decided that each hand will use a different bidding strategy. One hand will bid on only the trump in their hand. Another will bid on the trump in their hand, plus the high ranking cards of their off suits. The last bidding hand will bid by the number of trump in their hand, the high ranking cards of their off suits, and the bid of their partner across from them. All hands will take into account the number of cards dealt, which in this case will be 13 cards since my project is only the bidding process.

The probability of each card is 1/58 (0.172). Now, I plan to find the probability of each card in the other player’s hands. Since there are only 2 cards not dealt, that probability will be very high. The probability of a card not in my hand, but in another players hand is 37/45 (0.822). I make silly mistakes when doing math problems, so if this is wrong, correct me.

Plan of Attack

I plan to keep working on the bidding strategies. I would classify the algorithm I am following more as a search algorithm than a pruning tree algorithm. I see the pruning tree algorithm more for the gameplay of this than for the bidding, so that will have to be a project for a different day.