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Java Jolts is a coffee shop I made up to use for a class project. I had to write a business plan and create a website for it. The biggest challenge I faced was coming up with content to put on the website. Like I said, Java Jolts is not a real coffee shop, so I browsed some other coffee brands websites to get an idea for content.

Writing the business plan for Java Jolts taught me that you have to be very specific when starting a business. For instance, I had to write an actual number when considering my target market. I did not know that I had to have an actual menu planned out or that I had to include my company goals in the business plan. Writing the business plan expanded my knowledge of entrepreneurship and business.

Note: This is not a real coffee shop, in other words, not all content is real and working since Java Jolts is not a real coffee shop. For example, the online ordering and reservations system is not up and running since Java Jolts is not real.