Minden Evangelical Free Church

The Minden Evangelical Free Church asked me to redesign their logo and website. The logo is designed around the baseball diamond the church uses to explain their membership. They wanted the logo to also show movement since the church is always moving forward. That was my biggest challenge in creating this logo. I overcame this challenge by using an arrow to draw the eye around the diamond and to represent a person running the bases. I chose to put text in the baselines and in the center as to bring the logo back to the church, not a ball field.

The Minden Evangelical Free Church website houses lots of information including beliefs, mission, events, ministries, and much more. Before I redesigned the site the navigation had no drop-down menus and had over 10 items to choose from. The biggest priority for the website is simple yet sophisticated functionality. The site has to be easy to navigate, but it also needs to be modern enough that it appeals to younger generations. The best way to accomplish that goal was to give the website a stylish design and use drop-down menus to organize information. The more organized the information, the easier the website is to use while the more modern the design the more appealing the site is to the younger generations.

This website will have information that is updated as the sermon and other elements are added each week.