PNR Travel circle graphic

PNR Travel

PNR Travel is a travel agency located in Minden, Nebraska. I thought their logo could use an update, so I made a new logo for PNR Travel. They do not use the logo, as they do not own the remade logo files.

The biggest challenge in creating this new logo was making the streak behind the airplane. There is not a shape built into any Adobe Programs to make that shape. I ended up using 5 different arcs to make the streak. Lining those arcs up perfectly was a challenge in itself. Overall, I think the logo remake turned out great.

PNR Travel, a travel agency located in Minden, Nebraska, needed a graphic to put in the Minden High School Yearbook. I started the project by designing a modern design that would easily be associated with traveling. I decided that the most significant tourist attractions around the world was the best way to go. My biggest challenge with this project was designing and creating the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is a very complicated building with beautiful architecture. I tackled this challenge by beginning with the base of the Taj Mahal and worked my way up. Once I had the basic shape built, I then worked on the different shades to create depth in the graphic. Overall, The PNR Travel graphic turned out great.