Zambian Mission Project Logo

Zambian Mission Project

Zambian Mission Project (ZMP) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to build orphanages and churches in Zambia, Africa. I am the head of marketing for the ZMP board. As the head of marketing, I created ZMP’s logo and website.

The biggest challenge I faced while creating the logo was incorporating the colors of the Zambian Flag in the heart shape. I solved this problem by very carefully using the pathfinder tool in Adobe Illustrator to create the three sections on the right side of the heart. This is my favorite of all the logos I have designed.

Zambian Mission Project’s website is a long scroll site as we are quickly becoming a mobile-first world. The biggest challenge I faced in build the site was writing the copy. The copy needs to say more than just the information a person reads. It needs to give the correct atmosphere and setting to the reader. After five revisions of the copy, if you want to get technical it was more than five revisions, I finally felt the body giving the reader all the information they needed.